MacroMesoMicro. Systemic Territory Framework from the perspective of the Social Innovation

The publication is the result of work developed among three individuals: Dr. Igor Calzada, Adolfo Chautón, and Domenico Di Siena.

This publication aims to take a step back to gain momentum and propose, by unfolding, a Systemic Framework of the Territory from Social Innovation, where we remix from Action Research as a methodological research proposal, the way of observing the Territory from the perspective or paradigm of Social Innovation. That is, we deconstruct the Territory on three scales (#Macro, #Meso, and #Micro), in order to observe, understand, and implement social transformations.

What we now know is that the future of Territories is determined by two variables today: their notion in a network and their common value. Those who know how to combine collective intelligence strategically aligned with the understanding of the Networked Territory and Commons, will be better positioned to undertake true processes of social innovation within them. What policies, projects, and agents/people should be promoted in the Territories? And within these, what role do environments or creative ecosystems play?

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