You should be interested in blockchain, crypto and metaverses

We live in a society permeated by technology. Today it is everywhere: in our phones, in our cars and our homes. When we think of technology, the first question that comes to my mind is: “How much control do I have over it?”.

The answer to this question is important because, as technology grows ever more sophisticated, we must ask ourselves whether it is also becoming ever more invasive into our lives and societies. As we saw in no case is technology neutral.

The good news is that people, citizen actors, can also be technology creators and that the future is in their hands. How can we reclaim control from big corporations and put it back in the hands of the citizens?

Can we create new technologies that promote the kind of society we want (an equitable, democratic, inclusive and resilient society), or are they going to be even more exploitative and harmful than the current ones?

We need to learn and be aware of the huge disruption that is coming within blockchain, crypto and metaverses.

I think it is our responsibility as Civic Designers to take these dynamics into account and work to make sure that citizens are the protagonists of the new technological revolution that is coming on strong.

This has nothing to do with fake “blockchain utopias”, which are mostly engineered by corporate organizations and people who are looking only for speculation.

This content is part of my work on a new version of the Civic Design Method White Paper.

I would very much like to know what you think. How do you plan to integrate these technologies in your professional activity? Leave me a comment!

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